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"My instructor Amir is great! He is very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding when teaching. He taught me everything I needed to know to pass the test as well as how to be a good driver. I had a great experience learning from him. Highly recommended!"
Chengkun - St Catharines

"Excellent, highly recommended "
Dan - St.Catharines

"I`m a new immigrant here to Canada and I had just a G1 license and no G2. On account of my past driving experience in foreign jurisdictions I was permitted by Drivetest to take 1 attempt at my full G license without going through G2 first - failing which I would have to give my G2 and then my G. I was skeptical about passing my full G in 1 go considering that I had never driven on roads in Canada and was told by friends and family that it was very rare to pass the G on the first try and also that most G2 drivers, who have been driving in Canada for a year (or even more), usually end up failing their first few attempts at G as well. Nonetheless I was committed to giving it a shot. I googled for reputable driving schools in St Catharines and found good feedback for Vision90. I booked my first 90 minute class with them and least to say I was very satisfied with the instructions I was given. Vision90 helps experienced drivers easily acclimatize to Canadian driving standards and the confidence they place in your driving abilities definitely helps boost individual morale during the actual G test itself. Long story short, less than 3 weeks after having moved to Canada I now have a full G license and am looking to buy my first car! I would highly recommend Vision90 to any prospective test takers particularly those new immigrants who are hesitant or unsure and find themselves in a similar position to mine! "
Khubab - St Catharines

"When I had finished my in-class lessons, I was pretty nervous to start my in-car because there was a numerous of things I either didn`t know how to do or had trouble with, but Sheila had made me feel comfortable and helped me out a lot, she is very calm, kind and easy-going. She has taught me many things that are important to know and gave me a lot of tips. She is an amazing instructor and im glad I had her. "
Cassandra - St.Catharines

"I would highly recommend Sheila! She is the best instructor you can ever have. Every lesson feels like a drive with your best friend. Not only that she is a great teacher, She taught me how to drive properly and many skills to use for my own safety and others. Your going to have a great 10 hours with her!"
Louie - St Catharines

"Shawn made the classroom a blast, very educational with some humour and a smart attitude toward driving, three thumbs up! Shelia was my in-car instructor, I can’t say enough pleasant things about her, she knows everything there is to know about driving and then some. 6 stars out of 5!! Thank you guys for making me look forward to drivers Ed !"
Sam - St. Catharines

"11/10 would recommend. Ask for Sheila shes the best!"
john - St Cathrines

"When I first began my in car lessons, I had no experience driving on roads, and I was very nervous for my first lesson. Sheila, my driving instructor made it very comfortable, and eased my anxiety about driving for the first time. Throughout my lessons, Shelia made it greatly informative, was truly articulate and overall made my in car lessons an enjoyable experience. I would recommend to ask for Sheila as a driving instructor, she was so kind and helpful, and made learning how to drive very exciting. Shelia was an absolute great driving instructor, and friend as well! "
Sharlene - St. Catharines

"The in-class portion was informative, and Tony was a very knowledgeable teacher, I didn`t think the in-class section of driving school would be useful, but I had actually learned quite a lot from it. The star of Vision 90 is the driving instructors. For my in-car portion I got assigned with Sheila. She has been teaching people for many years, and has been able to teach every type of person. I was quite timid and horrified about driving, but I wasn`t the first person to be like this, she understands how someone feels when driving and is able to teach you to work around that so you can get comfortable behind the wheel. By the end of the lessons I felt very confident driving, and I have Sheila to thank! :) "
Edward - St Catharines

"When I first started driving school I was extremely nervous and anxious about driving a car but after the first in-car class, my driving instructor, Sheila, had me as calm as I`ve ever been behind the wheel. Not only did she calm me down, provide me with tips and show me new things, but Sheila also made sure I was comfortable and enjoying myself while driving. She didn`t only teach me how to drive but how to enjoy it! She cheered me on, she helped me out and she, quite literally, was the embodiment of the most WONDERFUL driving instructor. I owe my G2 to her and her wonderful and cheery personality. She is the best referral anyone can have. I am very happy to have my license but very sad to not have classes with Sheila to look forward to. So the only testimonial I could ever leave is one of gratitude a kind thank you to Vision 90, but a HUGE thank you to Sheila (YOU`RE THE BEST)!!! "
Rebecca - St. Catharines

"I started taking my in car lessons at the end of March, I was extremely nervous but as soon as I got in the car i met Sheila. She was very calm, kind and very out going. Not only did she teach me how to be safe on the road while driving but she made every lesson fun, as i would always look forward to each one! Sheila made driving lessons very easy and exciting for me. Sheila was always very professional and guided me through everything i needed to know in order to pass. She is an excellent teacher and truly made my driving experience with her, unforgettable. "
Michelle - St. Catharines

"I went into my driving lessons extremely nervous, as soon as I met driving instructor, Sheila, her calm and outgoing personality instantly made me feel at ease. Sheila taught me many important things about driving and many tips on parallel parking. Sheila made my in car lesson something to look forward to. At the end of my lessons I lose a very good friend. If you`re taking driving school, REQUEST SHEILA! she is the best."
Megan - St.Catharines

"When time had come that I needed to start drivers training I was nervous, I was mostly nervous of in-cars and the idea of having to spend 10 hours with a total stranger. When it was finally time to start in-cars I dreaded the day but I was more then delighted to meet Sheila, she is the best! Not only did she make me feel comfortable, and welcomed she taught me many valuable tricks and maneuvers I’ll never forget. Request Sheila! You’ll leave not only with essential driving skills but with a new friend! "
Marina - St.Catharines

" Vision90 has done an excellent job at educating me on rules of the road in class and in-car, and I do recommend this course to those ready to learn how to drive. Sheila was my driving instructor, she was so patient with my driving and is really the most generous person you’ll meet. Her humour and stories made me look forward to my In-car lessons and I’m so happy that I made a friend in the process of learning to drive. I will always hear her voice in my head when I drive, telling me where I need to go. Great Experience!"
Michelle - St. Catharines

"Driving with vision 90 was great opportunity for me and really opened my mind to how the road works. Sheila my instructor offered me a lot for the little time we spent together. 10 hours flew right by and in good fashion,she made driving fun and knowledgeable.Thank you sheila giving me the experience of the road."
Zubeer - St Catherine

"I went into driving school with very little experience and was so nervous to start driving, but Sheila my driving instructor, quickly changed that! Her very outgoing yet calm personality made it very easy for me to get comfortable behind the wheel. In what feels like no time she taught me everything I needed to know to be prepared for my G2! I strongly recommend having Shelia as your instructor, she`s awesome! "
Megan - st.catharines

"I just finished my in car lessons with the most understandable and amazing driving instructor, Sheila. She is not only kind, but driving and learning from her was so simple and she is a great helper with teaching rules and getting you eased in. She helped me get better at certain things i wasn`t the best at but now i feel so much more experienced and ready for my test. She is not only my driving instructor but a great friend, and i encourage everyone to take her as your instructor!"
Madison - St. Catharines

"Vision 90 is a great place to do driving school, the teachers are good and my in car instructor Shelia was great. She was very informative and taught me all the rules of the road and safe driving habits in a fun way. to anyone looking into driving school I would definitely recommend Shelia and vision 90"
Jacob - St.Catharines

"To anyone looking for a great driving school, Vision 90 is the place to go! I definitely would recommend Sheila as an instructor because she was so kind, calm and very interactive with her students which will make your 10 hours feel like a breeze. Thank you so much Vision 90 and of course Sheila for making my process and experience towards getting my G2 so pleasant! "
Parloma - St. Catharines

"To anyone looking to do drivers ed, Vision 90 is the best choice. Sheila, my driving instructor was amazing! She’s calm, knowledgeable, and so easy to talk to. She’s the reason my in car lessons were a blast. I can say without a doubt, that I have been made ready for any situation on the road. You can’t go wrong with Vision 90!"
Evan - St. Catharines

"I need to advise anyone taking the course, please let me know is that school good or not, and how you rate it in General Thanks, Tanya "
Anya - St. Catharines

"I had Sheila as my in car instructor, she was very kind, informative, and easy to talk to. She taught all the rules and gave me many tips and tricks to help with my driving and maneuvers. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an instructor. Thanks!"
Ethan - St. Catherines

"learning to drive can be a scary experience, learning how to do anything can be tough. With Sheila as an instructor learning to drive was fun and enjoyable. We got to share many experiences, conversations and laughs. there was never a dull moment, as well as I never felt uncomfortable or nervous I overall had a great experience! thank you so much vision 90 for teaching me how to drive safely & to especially Sheila for teaching me so many things and having a great time while doing it! thanks so much "

"I had Sheila as my in car instructor and she was the best. Her flexible schedule allowed me to get the 10 hours done quick, which I really appreciated. I really enjoyed my in cars with her because of her bubbly and easy-going personality. Sheila had a great way of explaining new concepts to me and she was very patient when explaining new maneuvers. I would highly recommend having her as your in car instructor!!"
Jaida - St. Catharines

"Sheila is best driving instructor. She is very easy to talk to and get along with. I enjoyed every minute of it. She also got me done Pretty quick witch I really liked and would like to thank her for. Overall the driving experience with Sheila is the best and would really recommend her to anyone else! Thank you Sheila"
Kyle - St.Catharines

"Sheila was by far the best driving instructor you could ask for. She is very understanding of any situation you may be in. When you’re on the road driving she is very calm, kind, always makes conversation so you’re not bored while driving. Overall the driving experience with Sheila is great and would recommend her to any new driver learning to drive"
Adrian - St.Catharines

"Sheila is da best!!!! :)"
Katie - Vineland

"i took the manual driving course with tony.it was a great experience and a great time learning with him. would recommend. "
Dylan - st.catharines

"Sheila was an amazing driving instructor, and i consider her as one of my friends. Super friendly, and easy to talk to, Sheila makes driving a lot more fun and enjoyable (even if you thought it was fun already, she will make it even more fun). Her tricks to parallel parking, and three point turns were easy to understand and very helpful! She even gave me some advice as to where to park for the G2 test and when to take it. I had someone else for my first 3 driving lessons, but then i switched and got Sheila instead, which made me wish i had her sooner, and for all 10 of my driving lessons! I strongly recommend her as your driving instructor! You will love her!!! :)"
Kelly - St.Catharines

yawen - St. Catharines

"Sheila was an amazing instructor who thoroughly and calmly explains driving techniques for beginners. She is the best instructor and I will always recommend her! Thank you so much Sheila!!"
Sydney - St Catharines

"Sheila was such a fantastic instructor! Very calm, kind, welcoming, and encouraging. My first lesson was my first time ever driving on the road and she reassured me that everything would work out fine. Schedule was flexible and we were able to work in all ten hours around my hectic schedule. Thank you so much Sheila!"
Devyn - St. Catharines

"Sheila is the best driving instructor you could ask for. Sheila teaches in such a clam way and makes you feel so relaxed. She is very kind and welcoming. Also makes you feel very confident! Highly recommend! "
Charlotte - St.Catharines

"I took ten hours in-car lessons with Tony for my G2 driving test. I pass my G2 with a first try at the end of November this year. I want to say: `Thank you very mach, Tony!` He was not my first instructor, but he was the best one. He gave me small hints for parallel parking and explained what an examiner wants to see during the test, I did some `real` tests with a feedback from him. In addition, his good personality made my learning process easier. I would highly recommend Tony as an instructor. He is really good. "

"My husband bought me this course for my thirtieth birthday. Before my first in car lesson I had NEVER driven. I was terrified and grateful my husband bought it for me because otherwise I wouldn`t have done it myself. Tony and Steve were amazing teachers for the in class portion of the course. Not only were they thorough they had the utmost patience. For someone who was terrified of even sitting in the drivers seat, I felt so comfortable to begin my in car when the course was completed. I had the pleasure of having Edgar as my in car instructor. I was beyond nervous my first time and right away he made me feel at ease. He never made me feel stupid or incapable. He guided me with great confidence and patience. He was kind, knowledgeable and funny! I felt so at ease. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have gone to DRIVERS ED with Vision 90 because I went from a terrified 30 year old green as green can be novice, to feeling confident and comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you so much and EVERYONE should go to Vision 90! "
Allison - St Catharines

"I had tony, great driving instructor. His tests are really helpful and you really do pass for the first time with him. He also has an amazing personality, would highly recommend him. "
Varun - St Catherine`s

"Thank you Sheila!! She is calm, patient and builds confidence in her students. Both my sons received their G2 today. I am recommending Sheila to everyone."
Theresa - St. Catharines

"I highly recommend Sheila as a driving instructor!!! She is so genuinely friendly and caring. I looked forward to all my in-car lessons with her. I learned so much from her and enjoyed every second of it. She made me laugh countless times and I`m going to miss her when I get my G2!"
Siobhan - St. Catharines

"I passed my drivers test today. I had Tony, he`s awesome, very patient, He take his time to explain road signs. I will recommend this company, and Tony always. "
Mag - St Catharines

"Sheila was an incredible in car instructor. She has so much experience and knowledge, I really enjoyed our car rides and chats. I am happy to say with her help I recently pass my road test and got my G2! I also had a good in class experience with Tony as my instructor, it was cool to hear his many stories. For anyone that is looking to learn how to drive, I highly recommend Sheila and Vision 90 Driving School!"
Hasna - St.Catharines

"Sheila has done a great job of teaching me in a calm way. She gave me key point tips that were the reason i passed my G2 test. I really enjoyed learning with Sheila as my instructor."
Ty - N.O.T.L

"Wow! That about sums it up! Sheila is a phenomenal driving instructor and I would highly recommend her! She is patient, kind and breaks everything down into simple steps. She was chatty, always wanting to hear about how my day went, and always smiling. When it came down to parallel parking, something I had been really worried about, she broke it down into easy steps and helped me through each one, I definitely won`t be forgetting that anytime soon and am no longer nervous about doing it! Once I had a good grip on my driving techniques, Sheila gave me mock exams, taking me through the routs and giving me constructive feedback after each rout. I always looked forward to my lessons with her and her happy demeanor. Thanks to her, I am able to say I passed my G2 test on my first attempt. Thank you so much Sheila! "
Maddie - Virgil

"I got my G2 today! I had Sheila as an instructor. She was amazing. I would recommend her as an instructor for anyone. "
Nicole - St. Catharines

"I passed my G2 test with no problem thanks to Sheila! She is a great teacher and I recommend her for everyone!"
Hudson-Sheila - N.O.T.L

"Just passed my test today! I was so nervous to start driving and Sheila calmed me down and made me a more confident driver. I even started looking forward to going out driving! Thank you, Sheila. You have made driving an absolute pleasure!"
Natalie - St. Catharines

"I just got my Full G license and I am very grateful to Kristene who gave me all the instructions necessary to succeed on the road test. She taught me all the techniques and details that the examiner would observe during the test which is very valuable. I would recommend Vision 90 without hesitation. They have experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Thank you Kristene! "
Vanessa - Saint Catharines

"Best driving school with best trainer Tony in St.Catharines."
D - St. Catharines

"I just passed my road test today! It`s been a happy and rewarding experience to receive driver`s Ed at Vision 90. These are very nice people to work with and study from and Tony is certainly experienced and knowledgeable. I had my in-car lessons with Shiela, who has been more than helpful to pass the road test. She is absolutely easy to recommend!"
Andy - St. Catharines

"Yestarday I obtained my full G license, thanks to Mr. Tony, which was very patient and taught me very valuable techniques of driving. He demonstrates to have a vast knowlege about safely vehicle conducting. He helped me how to control the anxiety, to keep focus on present time during the test, which is the key to the success. Everything that he told me that could appear during the test indeed has happened. A slow truck with flashing lights and a construction site, both in the highway, and I needed to change lanes without the order of the examinator. I highly recommend Tony as a instructor. Grazie Maestro e Amico!"
Amauri - Saint Catharines

"Today I passed my test and it is all thanks to Shelia, she is an amazing person who has a talent for teaching, she is unbelievably calm and always had the confidence in me that I needed. Thank you Shelia, I couldn`t have done it without you :) "
Camille - Virgil

"To Sheila,your awesome thank you for being my instructor. Even though today I was not as focused as most days you still encouraged me. She helps me through it I couldn`t have imagined someone else. I truly admire you, I`ll see you on the 10th to take my G2. -Love Aggie"
Agatha - Niagara on the Lake

"I take my test in a week, its going to be a big day, and its going to be an easy day. It`s going to be an easy day all because of my driving instructor Shelia. She was a patient and kind instructor, she taught me everything that I needed to know to be a safe and responsible driver. It is because of Shelia that I had such a good experience with Vision 90 driving. I would recommend her specifically to everyone and would like to extend my extreme gratitude her for all the time she spent teaching me and the amazing experience that she gave me. Thank you Shelia. "
Hannah - St. Catharines

"I really liked Sheila. She made driving easier by making me feel more relaxed and by encouraging me."
Allie - St. Catharines

"Today is the day! I just passed my test all thanks to my driving instructor, Shelia! She was fantastic, a very special lady who I owe a huge thanks too, with her confidence in me and her calmness while I drove. Truely great at her job- she`s a keepper! -Ashley:)"
Ashely - St Catharines

"Tony is a top class driving instructor and the reason why I managed to get my G-license from the first attempt. He`s very thorough. He will quickly spot your driving errors and give you pointers to fix them. I really appreciated the way he conducted the lessons with mock road tests. He has that presence about him that makes you feel like you are taking the actual test. When I eventually did my test, it was not stressful because Tony prepared me well. He genuinely wants you to pass and do well. After I passed the exam, my examiner found out that Tony was my instructor and she commented on how Tony`s students are always really qualified and prepared. Honestly, I cannot recommend him enough. If you live around St. Catharines or any of the neighbouring towns and you`re planning to take the road test or improve your driving skills, look no further. Tony is your guy."
Leo - Toronto

"Hurray!!!! I passed my test today. I`m sure that Tony, the Vision 90 instructor, is the reason that I passed. He is an excellent instructor whose knowledge of the Drivers Handbook is supberb. I am very lucky to have had Tony as my instuctor because I was a `Nervous Nellie` and Tony had the ability to calm my nerves and teach me the proper rules of driving. Thank you, Tony."
Patricia - St. Catharines

"I would recommend all the students who seeks obtaining a safe driving license the Vision 90 is the One, an absolute school of driving especially Mr. Tony, which provides the fact rules, and techniques of driving he instruct students with honesty. Teaches students to demonstrate a special protocol, which follows the law as a loyal citizen to prevent possible collision. Prepare students within safe model of driving on the road due to considering safety as a whole. Not only, teach how to drive, but also model all the drive seekers to be well preparing within a full (G) licensed. The lesson plan in class, demonstrate an awareness of car mechanic, all necessary equipment which important to know, and how to change the tire. Mr. Tony, accommodate and serve all students as an experiment, safe, good, and a respected driver. I appreciated all kinds of efforts, and served me with dignity in order to be able to pass the road test safely. I definitely refer all of them (teenage and mature students) who dedicated to be a Good and careful driver especially teenagers to learn how to drive safely and not to put their lives as well as others lives endanger. The Vision 90 is teaching you in very easy way that makes you a real driver. I especial thank Mr. Tony, and may Good bless you included your family. Nazia St.Catharine "
Nazia - St.Catharines

"Tony was very good at instructing manual shifting. His teaching was very thorough and gave many good pointers. As I am currently looking for my own vehicle, I now know the basics of driving a car that has a manual transmission."
Scott - St. Catharines

"Great classroom and in car instruction. Tony is an amazing instructor and I was easily pass the G1 exit on the first try without issues. I would highly recommend Vision 90. Listen to Tony and you can`t fail"
Alex - St. Catharines

"vision90 is a team of highly qualified professionals. the in-class and in-car lessons gave me knowledge, skills and, what`s most important, confidence necessary to pass my g1 exit test. thanks a lot!"
Nikita - St. Catharines

"Vision 90 gave me the confidence I needed to complete my G2 test. As a mature driver, it was somewhat intimidating taking the test, but your instructor made me feel prepared and I passed with ease. Thank you! - Mike R."
Mike - St. Catharines

"I got my G2 just because of Tony. He is amazing, I was surprised after his one and half hour lesson. He knows how to teach students. I think vision90 is one of the best driving school in st. catharines. "
k - St.catharines

"As a new young driver, I was very happy with the professional and knowledgeable instructers especially Tony and Margaret at Vision 90. They were patient and encouraging and I developed the confidence to drive safely. I was able to pass my driving test for my G1 on the first try and could not have done it without the driver training I received at Vision 90!"
Tyler - St. Catharines

"At the age of 42, I am a driver...thanks to Tony, Diane and Vision 90 Driver Training. I was nervous and unsure of my skill as a driver. The Vision 90 team recognized my challenges and lack of confidence. The classroom lessons, although over whelming at first, were absolutely necessary for gaining the confidence to get behind the wheel. The patience Tony had with me and the reassurance he provided was a key to my success. I found Vision 90 Driving Training on the internet and contacted them....it was the best thing I ever did. Thank you Vision 90 for giving me knowledge and confidence to be a licensed driver after 42 years. "
Sam - St. Catharines

"At first I was weary about taking a drivers course, not only in the first place, but on my days off. As I went through the course I had a good time with the people I met and I am so glad that I went. Not only was the class enjoyable, but if you want to have not only a helpful experience while driving but a fun one as well, Vision 90 has to be your choice."
Zack - St. Catharines

"Although I have been driving for a number of years I was always nervous about the fast trucks and the traffic on the QEW and would take an alternate route to avoid the highway. One month ago, I decided that I was tired of being nervous and anxious about the highway and called Vision 90. My highway driving instructor Tony taught me the proper way of merging into traffic and taught me safe highway driving protocol. I am so thankful to Tony for his guidance and help with my highway driving!"
Sheila - St. Catharines

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent services of Vision 90 Driving School. I was very fortunate to have passed my test on my first try. A very special thanks to Margaret, my instructor, for her professional approach, patience, encouragement and excellent advice, I could not have done it without Margaret, because she made be become a confident driver. So once again that you Margaret from the bottom of my heart and thank you Vision 90 Driving School, for putting me on the Road to Success. Elona "
Elona - St. Catharines

"I am very proud to have signed up with the Vision 90 Driving School. My teacher, which was my classroom and my in-car instructor, I must say I am extremely grateful I chose, she not only has the passion and patience to put you on the Road to Success, but she also is a caring and very understanding lady, and that is none other than Margaret. I would definitely recommend Margaret and the Vision 90 Driving School for their professional SERVICE, and for putting me on the Road to Success, I would not have done it without them. Thank you Margaret and thank you Vision 90 Driving School. "
Elona - St. Catharines

"You can't fail if you listen to my driving instructor (Tony).He has a lot of training experience and is patient, friendly and understanding. I am happy because I passed my G1-road test on my first try (in Canada)after only few hours. He is the best driving instructor. So Vision 90 Driver Training is an excellent choice with very nice people. No regrets!"
Alina - St.Catharines

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