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     Students are taught by professionally licensed instructors that are certified by Sheridan College, the Ontario Safety League, and are approved by the Ministry of Transportation. Teaching a student to pass a driver's test is very different than teaching a student the defensive driving skills which will keep a driver safe and collision free for life.

    Services offered:
  • Private Driving Lessons
  • G1 Education Courses for New Drivers
  • G2 Refresher Courses
  • Winter Driving Lessons
  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Manual Transmission Lessons
Teach at chalkboard in classroom setting
    20 hours in-Class Topics:
  • Graduate Licensing (Restrictions)
  • Driving Laws/Rules
  • Demerit points (G1/G2)
  • Visual Skills
  • Decision Making when Driving
  • Getting to know your car
  • The Law of Physics
  • Insurance Requirements (In Ontario)
  • Time & Space Management
  • Strategic Defensive Driving
  • Crash Analysis
  • Emergency Situations
  • Adverse Driving Condition
  • Head On Collision Avoidance
  • Off Shoulder Recovery
  • Sharing Road with Trucks
  • The Effect of Alcohol/Drugs
  • Emotions, Road Rage & Fatigue
  • Distractions Inside/Outside the Vehicle
    In Car Lesson Topics:
  • Pre-Driving Habits
  • Basic Car Handling Skills (Acceleration/Breaking/Steering)
  • Residential Turns
  • Complex Turns
  • Lane Change and Blind Spots
  • Defensive Driving & Long Range Planning
  • Parking(s)
  • Freeway Driving
  • Navigation
  • Night Driving
  • Adverse Conditions & Accident Avoidance
  • Final Test of Skills

  • Note: All Students progress at different rates, and not all topics may be completed within the course allotted lessons. Extra lessons may be required, and are available for a nominal fee.
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