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     Every driver should understand the basics on how to drive both standard and automatic. In case of emergencies and to make sure you don't miss out on job or vacation oppotunities.

    Benefits of knowing both:
  • FUN: Driving will be more interactive and allows you to actively participate in traffic. On Vacation? Don't be afraid of the rental vehicles.
  • EFFICIENT: Knows the facts: Standards are less expensive to buy and more fuel efficient to drive. Learning from professionals can give your clutch a longer life.
  • SMART:
    • Better job opportunities
    • Better control when braking/stopping
    • More engine power
    • Better grip in winter conditions for Enhanced steering control.
    Dual Control Topics:
  • Avoid "the run-away car" when starting & shutting-off your engine.
  • Quickly regain control if your engine stalls.
  • Run smoothly each and everytime with precise gas/clutch control.
  • Drive smoothly in both ranges of first gear to avoid labouring the engine.
  • Select gears effortlessly and accurately
  • Back up in full control of your speed (refined clutch skills).
  • Know exactly when to change gears.
  • Achieve smoother gear changes by matching revs.
  • Obtain the best possible control when cornering by timing downshifts properly.
  • Avoid and recover from the most common shifting errors.
  • Slow down and stop most effectively in each gear, and with the least effort.
  • Start and stop on any hill without roll-back with full confidence.
  • Adverse DrivinSecure your vehicle when parking - with the engine on, and engine off.
  • Calmly stop in any emergency
    Cost Saving Topics:
  • Launch and shift gears without wasting fuel.
  • Choose the best fuel-efficient gear according to conditions.
  • ResDrive in the gear that facilitates the lowest wear-and-tear.
  • Squeeze at least 300,000 km out of your clutch.
  • Engage the clutch smoothly without unnecessary riding.
  • Drastically reduce wear to the clutch and gearbox when shifting gears.
  • Parking(s)Eliminate unnecessary clutch wear while sitting at a stop.
  • Freeway Recognize when the clutch needs servicing and avoid costly repairs.
  • Avoid stalling and lugging to prolong your engine's useful life.
  • Shift smoothly without force even when the gearshift resists.
  • Stop in the higher gears with minimal brake and power train wear.
  • Final Test of SkillsReduce power train wear when shifting on hills.

    Manual Shift Course:
  • A package of 2-90mins. sessions will get you to the next level for $175 (Save $15)
  • $40 off if you took the full Driver Education Course with Vision90.
Number of lessons will vary from person to person depending on previous driving experience and individual comfort levels and abilities.

Note: Lessons are private one on one. Professionals and courteous instruction offered at your convenience.
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